• Yamaha RMio64-D Dante / MADI Conversion I/O

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    The RMio64-D Dante/MADI conversion I/O rack supports a wide range of broadcast and live sound applications with extraordinary flexibility.

    The RMio64-D remote rack enables audio from a Yamaha CL or QL console to be converted to MADI and fed to an OB vehicle, for example, or a MADI based console can be easily integrated into a NUAGE system for post production.

    Word clock synchronization can be an issue when converting between different audio formats, but with the RMio64-D MADI built-in inputs and outputs built-in eliminate the problem of word clock synchronization when converting between different audio formats. Sample rate conversion sources with differing word clocks can be connected without causing noise or dropouts.

    In addition to redundant Dante network connections, the RMio64-D also supports MADI redundancy through simultaneous coaxial and optical connections. With the MADI Split (loopback) capability, a signal received at either the coaxial or optical input can now be retransmitted to the output.


      • 1U size
      • Transfer up to 64 digital inputs and 64 digital outputs between a Dante network and a MADI-compatible device
      • Built-in sample rate converters on inputs and outputs
      • Supports Dante redundancy
      • Redundant MADI connections can be made via optical and coaxial cables
      • MADI signals received via an optical (coaxial) input that can be retransmitted via a coaxial (optical) output
      • Mounting, Dante patching, and SRC settings can all be remotely controlled from a CL or QL series console
      • The Yamaha Nuage system offers Direct Monitoring functionality for recording, precision VST System Link synchronization
      • Supports remote controllability via Nuage Workgroup Manager system management software