• Yamaha REV500 Digital Stereo Reverb

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    This unit is used but fully functional.


    Yamaha's design team has worked hard to make REV500 sound great but remain affordable.

    Easy to Use

    A large custom LCD display and dedicated rotary controls for the four most critical reverb parameters make REV500 extremely easy to use.

    Superb Sound Quality

    REV500 features 20-bit AD/DA oversampling converters and the same DSP as that of the PROR3 for superb sonic performance.

    True Stereo Processing

    Unlike some pseudo stereo reverberators, REV500 is a true stereo reverb processor, with independent left and right channels.

    Organized Program Libraries

    Reverb programs are categorized into group for selection ease. The 100 preset programs and 100 user programs are divided into four categories: Hall, Room, Plate and Special.

    Quick Audition

    REV500 has snare and rim shot samples built-in, so programs and edits can be auditioned directly from the front panel (AUDITION button).

    Professional Connectors

    Balanced XLR and phone jack connections allow simple hookup to professional or semiprofessional gear. Input and output levels for each channel are independently switchable between -10dB and +4dB.

    Input Level Monitor

    A dual level control and two four-segment LED level meters simplify level setting for optimal performance.


    REV500 supports real-time parameter control via MIDI Control Changes and program selection via MIDI Program Changes. MIDI Bulk Dump is used for user program backup.

    Foot Switch

    An optional footswitch can be used to mute the reverb effect or select reverb programs. Selection order is determined by the MIDI Program Change Map.