Yamaha MY4-DA XLR Analog Output Card

$500.00 $250.00

4-Channel Analog Output Card

Mini-YGDAI cards make it easy to add I/O in a wide variety of audio and network formats to Yamaha digital mixing consoles, processors, and power amps that are equipped with compatible card slots. Mini-YGDAI cards can give your system the most up-to-date capabilities for any application.


20bit resolution, 4-out analog audio interface

4x XLR3-32 connectors (balanced)

Max output level before clip: +18dBu (default) / +4dBV

Cannot be used at 96kHz

General Specifications

Channel Count: 4OUT

Format: Analog

Max output level: +18dBu(default) / +4dBV

*GAIN switches at each output port

Sampling frequency :  44.1/48 kHz

Resolution: 20 bit

Connector: 4x XLR-3-32 type connectors (balanced)