• Yamaha DME32 Digital Mixing Engine

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    DME32 Features Sonic Performance • 32-bit internal signal processing • 48 kHz internal sampling rate • 39.69 kHz to 50.88 kHz external word clock Memories & Storage • 2 configuration memories: A and B • 99 scene memories per configuration • Configurations and scenes can be titled from the PC keyboard for easy identification • Store and transfer configurations on PC Cards Flexible I/O • 32 inputs, 32 outputs via four mini YGDAI slots • Optional mini YGDAI cards offer a variety of analog and digital I/O configurations, with support for all the popular digital audio interconnect formats, including AES/EBU, ADAT, and Tascam TDIF-1. • Analog I/O options include the Yamaha AD824 8-channel 24-bit A/D converter and DA824 8-channel 24-bit D/A converter Control Ports • Switchable RS232/RS422 serial port for PC connection • RS422 allows cable lengths of up to one kilometer (15 meters for RS232) • Convenient front panel USB port for PC connection • COM port for AD824 head-amp gain control Multiple Units • Cascade ports for multiple-unit operation with up to four DME32s • I/O expansion in multiples of 32, with a maximum of four DME32s providing 128 inputs and 128 outputs • 32 cascade buses allow bus-like signal distribution and power sharing between DME32s Remote Control • Configuration and scene recall using MIDI Program Changes • Component parameter control using MIDI Control Changes or System Exclusive • GPI interface with 16 assignable inputs, 16 assignable outputs • Emergency mode assignable to any GPI input.