• XTA RT1 Real Time Spectrum Analyser

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    Powerful analysis tool combining 1/3 octave RTA, SPL meter, RT60 analysis and a swept frequency analyzer in one unique product.

    Fully controllable pink noise and sine wave oscillator output sources included.

    RTA features simultaneous Bar and Peak displays with separately adjustable time constants.

    Accurate RT60 measurement, using internally gated noise or external source. Auto and manual window functions for direct RT60

    measurement (result).

    Swept analysis measurements using tracking filters, allow narrow band problems to be identified and plotted via the printer port.

    Accurate SPL meter displays absolute or relative SPL, with average or peak response.

    Both RT60 and RTA modes each have 32 non-volatile memories with accumulate function. The RTA memories allow memory

    to memory compare and memory to real time compare (difference) functions.

    Independently selectable 'A' weighting filters for both 1/3 octave and SLM displays.

    Crystal locked switched capacitor 1/3 octave filters for long term stability.

    Printer port for directly driving industry standard printers, allows permanent copies of any display curve to be made, with user

    selectable title and automatic time and date stamp.

    Time / Level mode displays historical information on peak levels attained.

    Mic and Line inputs with mic inputs on front and rear panel.

    The LED bar graph display has selectable average and peak response with switchable resolution of 1 or 2dB per LED.

    Manual and Auto range control of input attenuator setting.

    RS 232 computer port provided. RS 422 option available.