• XTA D2 Stereo Dynamic EQ

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    The D2 is a powerful DSP based audio dynamics processor, ideally suited for live

    sound applications, where it combines the accessibility and immediacy of a pure

    analog design with the quality and accuracy of a digital design in a compact 1U unit.

    To achieve this, the D2 has an analog control surface, following the ‘one control –

    one function’ philosophy and a pure digital signal path, with 24-bit conversion, 40-bit

    internal processing and a professional 48kHz sampling rate.

    The D2 is also available with optional AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs.


    • Three bands of full range dynamic equalization on each channel.

    • Independent control of envelope and frequency for each equalizer band.

    • ‘Outer’ bands can be set to high and low shelving responses respectively, with

    the option of working in full-range if required.

    • Separate ‘Listen’ facility for each band to easily guage its contribution to the

    overall channel’s sound.

    • Each band is individually bypassable for complete control, with an overall

    channel master.

    • Additional full-range compressor is included.