• TEQSAS LAP-TEQ Clinometer Kit

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    This is priced as a kit comprised of (2) Sensors & (1) Display.

    The LAP-TEQ Clinometer is designed to measure the inclination of a line-array or a cluster of loudspeakers. It consists of two components: The LAP-TEQ sensor module and the LAP-TEQ display module.

    The LAP-TEQ sensor module is attached to the top cabinet of the array. Its die-cast aluminum enclosure is designed to meet IP65 weatherproof standards.

     The LAP-TEQ display module shows the horizontal inclination of the top cabinet with a resolution of 0.1° on a dot matrix LCD-display. It powers off after two minutes to save battery power. The last metered value is stored and appears in the displays second row after the module is turned on again. This helps you to compare several arrays.

    The LAP-TEQ display module is connected to the LAP-TEQ sensor module via a normal balanced NF-connection (XLR microphone cable). The sensor module is powered by the display module via this connection which can be up to 50 meters (165ft) long.

    Additionally, a red laser pointer diode (0.9mW, 635nm) is attached to the LAP-TEQ sensor module to show the elevation angle. This will help you to aim your line array to the last row of the audience.