• Sennheiser MKH 50 P48 Small-diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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    Case, windscreen, shock-mount and regular microphone clips included!

    An Excellent Soloist Microphone!

    The super-cardioid Sennhesier MKH 50 was designed primarily for use as a soloist's microphone or for any application that requires a high degree of side sound muting and lateral feedback rejection. As a super-cardioid, the MKH 50 offers a higher attenuation of diffused field and lateral sound than Sennheiser's studio cardioid, the MKH 40. The MKH 50 can also compensate for proximity effects of approximately .5m using its switchable roll-off filter. On-board symmetrical transducer technology also ensures that the MKH 50 has extremely low inherent self-noise. Housed in its slim, black anodized metal body, the MKH 50 comes with a fitted shock mount and windshield.

    Sennheiser MKH 50 Features:

    • High rejection of lateral sounds
    • Symmetrical transducer technology
    • Low inherent self-noise
    • Switchable roll-off filter to compensate for proximity effects
    • Switchable pre-attenuation
    • Black, anodized light metal body
    • Includes MZS 40 shock mount and MZW 41 windshield
    • Transformerless and fully floating balanced input
    • Requires +48V phantom power