• Sennheiser EW550 G2 True Diversity Receiver with Beltpack Transmitters

    $1,500.00 $400.00

    This item is used but fully functional!

    Priced as (1) rackmount receiver, (2) beltpack transmitter and (2) whip antenna.

    518-554MHz (Legal in North America). This package is ideal to connect a guitar, bass or other instrument wirelessly to a sound system.  

    The EM 550 G2 twin receiver consists of two complete true diversity receivers in a single 19" rack housing. The two receivers can be operated independently from each other. The EM 550 G2 has an integrated antenna splitter, enabling you to daisy-chain up to eight twin receivers.The EM 550 G2 can be combined with transmitters of the ew 500 G2 series to make high-quality state-of-the-art RF transmission systems for professional applications. The transmitters and the twin receiver have a high level of operational reliability and are extremely user-friendly. The excellent transmission reliability is based on the use of further optimized PLL synthesizer and microprocessor technology, the HDX noise reduction system, the pilot tone squelch control, the true diversity technology (rack-mount receiver only),and the scan function for scanning the channel banks for free channels.