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    OPTI-LOGIC™ 400LH Laser Rangefinder / Hypsometer, 4 to 400 yd., Yellow

    Laser Rangefinder / Hypsometer Delivers Economy and Results

    This 400LH Laser Rangefinder / Hypsometer measures distances up to 400 yd. and is ideal for uses where survey-quality measurements are not required and higher instrument cost is not justifiable. Height measurement system combines a pulsed laser rangefinder and a vertical angle sensor in a lightweight, easy-to-use package. A narrow beam delivers superior accuracy and the LED readout in the eyepiece lets you see your measurement right away. An internal electronic tilt sensor allows the unit to make vertical angle measurements with better than 1° resolution to remotely determine object heights. Use Laser Rangefinder / Hypsometer for tree height measurements; construction, utility and architectural measurements; landscaping; and real estate appraisal. 

    400LH Laser Rangefinder / Hypsometer has a measuring range of 4 to 400 yd. for a passive target, up to 999 yd. for a highly reflective one. 

    Color: Yellow

    Case is included.