• Measurement Specialties AccuStar Electronic Clinometer

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    The AccuStar® Electronic Clinometer is an extremely accurate angle measurement device. This compact and rugged sensor is ideal where space is critical and environmental conditions are serious design concerns. The heart of the system is a patented, capacitance-based sensor with no moving parts. When rotated about its sensitive axis, this unique sensor provides an exceedingly linear variation in capacitance, which is electronically converted into angular data. The sensor and low-power CMOS electronics are encased in a rugged plastic housing ready to install as a system component or as a stand-alone device. Designed for easy integration, with a choice of analog, ratiometric, digital or serial models, the clinometer produces an output signal corresponding to direction and magnitude of angular displacement.  Connector is RJ-11.  Wiring schematic is included in the link below.