• Large Heavy Duty Aluminum Transportation Cart

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    These heavy-duty aluminum carts were initially used to transport pre-hung dV-Dosc speaker arrays of 6 elements plus a flybar for fast deployment and easy transportation.  An optional set of extender bars can be used to extend the cart height and deploy 9 elements.  These carts are very well made, structurally sound and could be easily modified to transport other large or heavy objects.  At full capacity, these carts were designed to transport 900lbs, pack efficiently into trucks and fit on truck ramps.

    Exterior Dimensions as shown:

    72in x 31.5in x 47.25in

    Interior Dimensions as shown:

    65.5in x 43 x 27.25

    Exterior Dimensions with extender bars:

    96in x 31.5in x 47.25in

    Interior Dimensions with extender bars:

    89.5in x 43 x 27.25