• Klark Teknik SQ1D Square One Dynamics

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    Klark Teknik Square ONE Dynamics Overview

    The Square ONE Dynamics from Klark Teknik provides eight complete channels of either compression or gating, with push button selection and LED status indication of operational mode on an individual channel basis. The unit is constructed to the same standards as the rest of the Klark Teknik range, while answering to more budget-sensitive applications.

    The compressor section on each channel includes controls for adjusting the threshold, make-up gain, attack, and release and ratio. The compressor can also be tailored to respond in a variety of modes, with push button selection of RMS or Vintage Emulation (Peak) response and selection of soft or hard knee mode on each channel.

    The gate section also provides for adjustment of threshold, attack, hold and release times and range utilizing the same rotary control knobs. Additionally, there are individual rotary control knobs for make-up gain and hold.

    Each channel has a sidechain band-pass filter with two different bandwidth settings for use in frequency dependent gating. Also included is an external sidechain input with LED status indication. A bypass switch sets the signal path to unity gain on each channel while providing LED status.

    Eight-channel, multi-mode compressor and gate, selectable per channel

    • With both mode switches inactive the compressor behaves in the default Soft Knee and RMS mode. This gives the slowest (and most subtle) feel to the compressor envelopes
    • When Hard Knee and Vintage are activated the compressor operates with more precise envelope control and a defined transition between under and over threshold. This mode uses faster peak sensing (not RMS) like many older compressor designs with exponential attack and release
    • Functions as a broadband frequency-conscious compressor when the FILTER switch is activated in wide mode, allowing the user to sweep to a desired frequency and apply frequency-dependant compression
    • When the FILTER switch is activated in narrow mode, the compressor functions as a Hi-Q frequency-conscious compressor, especially useful for de-essing vocals
    • Can also function as a limiter or expander
    • Gate with adjustable Threshold, Attack, Hold and Release times to suit various program requirements
    • Sidechain FILTER allows the gate to be tuned to open at selected frequency in both wide or narrow modes
    • i-TS (intelligent threshold shift) in conjunction with the hold function, helps reduce gate chattering
    • Channels can be linked (in all modes) for stereo, or multi-channel operation. When any number of channels are linked, the linked channels all adopt the mode of the left-hand channel of the linked group
    • A dedicated Solo Output can monitor the sidechain filter during a performance
    • Each channel features a six-segment, three-color input meter, and a ten-segment attenuation depth meter