• Klark Technik DN3600 Graphic EQ

    $2,000.00 $300.00

    This item is used but fully functional.

    Designed to meet and exceed the needs of the Recording, broadcast, installation and live sound

    industries, the Klark Teknik DN3600 Programmable Graphic Equalizer is an extremely high

    quality, digitally controlled, two-channel, third-octave equalizer that combines state-of-the-art

    Audio Performance with unprecedented ease of use. The two channels may either be used

    independently or linked for stereo use. To further extend the flexibility of the equalizer, the unit

    also incorporates variable frequency low and high-pass filters, two notch filters with variable

    frequency and depth and overall gain adjustment.

    Featuring a very large backlit LCD display window, the DN3600 may store up to 66 equalizer

    programs and the inclusion of a Pro MIDI interface enables several other DN3600s or DN3601

    slave units (64 maximum) to be controlled from a single DN3600. The slave units are electrically

    identical to the DN3600 but have limited control and display facilities. A 16-pin connector is

    provided for use in conjunction with the DN60/DN6000 Real Time Spectrum Analyzer enabling

    room analysis and equalization to be accomplished automatically.