• Klark Technik DN100 Active DI

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    The DN100 from Klark Teknik is an active direct box that delivers an extended dynamic range and low noise floor. The DI provides transformer isolation impedance matching and attenuation, into a low impedance active balanced input.

    The unit is also designed with the touring musician or engineer in mind. To that end, it provides a thick aluminum shell to protect the electronics, which in turn is protected by a tough silicone rubber casing. The latter is replaceable and available as a spare part.

    The DN100 is fitted with a Kensington security slot in one of the end panels, to allow the unit to be made secure using a Kensington MicroSaver security cable.

    Active DI box

    Accepts a maximum input level of +30dB

    Switchable -30dB input pad

    Earth lift switch isolates input and output grounds

    Extended dynamic range and lower noise floor

    Rugged thick aluminum shell and tough silicone rubber casing

    Pad, ground lift and +48V phantom LED indicators