• GML Model 8900 Dynamic Gain Control Series III with GML 9015 PSU

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    GML 8900 MKIII Dynamic Range Controller
    Twenty-two years of progressive research into loudness perception resulted in the GML8900 Dynamic Range Controller, a limiter/compressor unlike any other. The 8900 Dynamic Range Controller was intrinsically developed to react to loudness (rather than volts) like your ears do!

    GML8900 Dynamic Range Controller at a Glance:
    • Unique psycho-acoustic approach to dynamic control
    • Familiar compression parameters and side-chain input for ease of use
    • All-discrete audio path for low noise and transparency
    • The 8900's psycho-acoustic approach uses multiple true-RMS detectors, remarkably accurate log converters, and fast peak detectors to respond intelligently to real signal energy, not just level. The GML8900's unusual design employs unique controls, like Crest Factor, Timing, and Release Hysteresis to access the parameters that you really want to adjust.
    • Using the GML8900, you'll still find familiar features such as Stereo Link, Soft/Hard Knee, Ratio, Output Level, as well as a comprehensive 40-segment tricolor Gain/Loss meter. All have been carefully optimized for flexible, creative control over a wide dynamic range with a lack of audible artifacts. The 8900 also includes a very useful Side Chain input that permits external frequency shaping to be introduced into the detection circuitry.
    • The entire audio path of the GML8900 is all-discrete, including the VCA, for unsurpassed transparency and low-level resolution. And the 8900 packs all of this in a formidable 2U, two-channel unit which fits into any studio configuration.
    • The result of more than twenty years of loudness perception research
    • Unique psycho-acoustic approach to compression
    • Unusual design with unique controls: Crest Factor, Timing, and Release Hysteresis to access parameters you really want to adjust
    • Conventional compression parameters easy to set
    • Side Chain input for external frequency shaping to control circuitry
    • All-discrete audio path for unsurpassed transparency and low-level resolution
    • Requires an external GML 9015 Power Supply

    INPUT 20 kOhm balanced bridging; Pin 2 hot 57 dB common mode rejection at 20kHz +27.4 dBv maximum before clipping Individually channel swichable on back panel for +4 or -10 
    THROUGHPUT ±0.1 dB, 16 Hz to 68 kHz response (controls at zero) 0.01% Harmonic distortion at any frequency 20 Hz - 20 kHz1, no gain reduction 
    0.009% SMPTE Intermodulation distortion230 v/usec discrete low noise, high performance amplifiersno electrolytic interstage or output coupling capacitorsnoise -96.5 dBv bypassed, -74 dB absolute worst case (control position dependent)rolloff: 3 dB down at 260 kHz

    FORM FACTOR - 2 CHANNELS, Each with Separate Peak and Dual RMS Detectors 
    Discrete VCA; Discrete Audio ChainFront Panel Sidechain; Stereo and multiple unit control link40 Segment Tricolor meter; Meter range -20 to +20, true gain through unit4 segment instantaneous ratio meter (approximate indication of soft knee actuation)Peak, FastRMS and SlowRMS indicators

    OUTPUT +27.4 dBv clipping; unbalanced; Pin 2 Hot 3 mv output offset, stabilized by D.C. servo correction 
    OTHER external power supply: ±28 VDC & ±18 VDC ground and chassis straps at rear 
    19" x 3 1/2" rack case, black anodized aluminium, silver legend, 8 1/2" deepweight: 7 lbs.

    1 Includes Sound Technology 1710A residual, 30kHz LP filter 2 Measured at 0 dBv ST 1710A; analyzer residual 0.0018%