• DPA 4021 Compact Cardioid Microphone

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    The DPA Compact Series miniature microphones incorporate some of the finest DPA manufactured capsules with an ultra-small thick-film mounted FET-preamplifier. The end result is a series of microphones designed for crucial capturing in recording and live sound reinforcement applications, with a small profile ideal for intricate mounting scenarios such as hanging. All Compact Series microphones feature a 10-foot (3m) cable with a hardwired or removable Lemo connector depending on the microphone model.

    The DPA 4021 cardioid capsule features a hardwired, side-exit cable that is ideal for applications that require instrument mounting or angled suspended mounting. The cardioid polar pattern provides excellent rejection of off-axis signal that can cause feedback and residual noise. The 4021 is an ideal microphone for capturing instruments and vocals in speech and performance applications.

    4021 Utilizes 4011 Capsule

    The 4021 miniature capsule utilizes the identical capsule found in the 4011 microphone. The 4021 features a cardioid polar patter, ideal for spot capturing individual instruments or ensembles, as well as vocals in speech and performance applications.

    Compact, Miniature Profile

    The miniature design is attributed to the built-in ultra-small, thick-film mounted FET-preamplifier.

    Hardwired, Side-Exit Cable

    The 4021 features a hardwired, side-exit cable that is ideal for instrument mounting or capturing audio signal while suspended at an angle.

    Pristine Audio Fidelity

    The overall frequency and sensitivity response result in pristine audio fidelity with very low noise.