• d&b audiotechnik R70 Ethernet to CAN Interface

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    The R70 Ethernet to CAN interface provides two RJ 45 CAN connectors with a built-in switchable terminator as well as a LAN connector. The R70 contains a web interface for configuration using a standard web browser. Up to five R70 interfaces in TCP/IP mode may be connected to a PC and simultaneously operated by the R1 software.  The R70 is designed to connect the d&b Remote network (CAN-Bus) to a PC via Ethernet (TCP/IP or UDP/IP).  The R70 must only be used within a d&b sound reinforcement system.

    The device can be used within applications according to the standard EN 60849 (IEC 60849) 'Sound Systems for Emergency Purposes' (voice evacuation systems).

    The device is not intended for direct connection to telecommunication networks.