• Audix ADX20i-P Horn/Brass Clip-On Condenser Microphone w/ Gooseneck Clamp

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    This item is used but fully functional!

    Go Wireless! This microphone has be terminated with a TA4F connector that is compatible with Shure Wireless transmitter packs or Shure RPM626 In-Line Preamp (sold separately)

    The ADX20iP miniature condenser microphone is applicable for professional stage and studio applications. This microphone is primarily used for miking most reed and brass instruments.

    The ADX20iP has a uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern, which provides excellent isolation and feedback control on stage with natural sound reproduction at very close distances.

    The ADX20iP condenser instrument microphone is lightweight, compact and simple to use.  Included with the ADX20iP is a gooseneck clip with spring tension for easy mounting to the bell of an instrument.


    - Saxophone

    - Trombone, trumpet

    - Room ambience, recording

    - Accordion

    - or any application where a small, high fidelity microphone is required

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