• Apogee Rosetta 800 192kHz 8 channel AD / DA Converter

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    This item is used but fully functional!  Internal jumper has been moved to bypass front panel power switch.  Easily moved to restore function.

    Apogee Electronics’ Rosetta 800 is a multi-channel Analog and Digital converter designed to provide the highest

    quality signal path for all modern digital systems, while setting a new standard of performance at an accessible

    price. The following features are included:

    • Sample rates up to 96kHz, upgradeable to 192kHz.

    • A wide range of digital interfaces options, including AES, ADAT – S/MUX, plus an Option card providing

    future expandability.

    • Dual stage clock circuitry ensuring stable operation regardless of clock source.

    • Soft Limit transient limiting circuitry available on all 8 Analog inputs.

    • UV22HR bit resolution reduction algorithm.

    • Advanced digital routing.