• Apogee Big Ben 192kHz Master Digital Clock

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    This item is used but fully functional!

    Apogee Electronics’ Big Ben Master Digital Clock provides a complete clock synchronization solution for

    the digital production studio. Each feature of Big Ben has been carefully designed to ensure the highest

    quality, stability and simplicity when synchronizing your studio.

    • At the heart of Big Ben, Apogee’s C777 Clock Technology uses Direct Digital Synthesis to generate ultra-stable clock frequencies whose jitter is virtually un-measurable regardless of the clock source. Big Ben operates at frequencies up to 192 kHz, including common pull up/pull down frequencies and VSO (varispeed) functionality.
    • Adaptive Loop Filtering (ALF) optimizes clock performance and attenuates jitter, so that even poor reference clock sources won’t degrade Big Ben’s performance.
    • A wide range of input and output connections simplifies studio configuration; included are AES, S/PDIF and Optical I/O, plus 6 Word Clock outputs and 1 Word Clock/Video input.
    • An Option Card slot, for “emerging” digital formats such as FireWire, offers the ability to update Big Ben’s functionality. Format conversion is available between AES, S/PDIF, Optical and Option formats.
    • Sure Lock ensures a fail safe lock to external sources, thereby stabilizing the entire clock configuration. Word Clock termination sensing verifies that all Word Clock connections are properly terminated, thus avoiding transmission mis-matches which lead to hard-to-find clocking errors.