• Antares ATR-1 Autotune Intonation Processor

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    Out of tune vocals? Now you can have perfect pitch!
    The powerful ATR-1 is the hardware version of the original Auto-Tune software (doesn't it usually work the other way around?), an amazing automatic, real-time pitch correcter. Now, all the non-DAW people can have perfect pitch with the ATR-1! Operation is a snap. Just run any solo vocal or instrument track into the Auto-Tune and, presto, your signal is instantly and automatically corrected to the proper pitch. Better yet, all the expressive nuances of the original performance are maintained without distortion or unsightly artifacts. In addition to studio use, the Auto-Tune is also perfect for use in live situations! Imagine - no more embarrassing sour notes on stage! Features:

    Make Scale From MIDI - Simply play any line into the ATR-1 from a MIDI keyboard or sequencer and let the ATR-1 automatically construct a custom scale containing only those notes that appear in the line. Expression - The ATR-1's Speed control ensures that the rate of pitch correction (i.e., the speed at which the input pitch is slewed to the target pitch) can be matched to virtually any style of performance.
    20-bit linear
    56-bit internal processing
    Footswitch: 1/4 inch Phone
    1 rack space
    110 Volt only

    Top 3 Reasons To Use The ATR- 1 - Even If You Already Use Auto-Tune! 1. Live Performance: It goes without saying that the ATR-1 is the perfect compliment to any vocal or solo instrument's "gigging-rig" - something that would be difficult to do with the plug-in version. Balanced I/O delivers quality connection to your mixer and the ATR-1's simple operation allows quick changes on the fly. 2. Song Mode: Live OR in the studio, the ATR-1's Song Mode will benefit just about any performance! Song Mode lets you follow even the most complex harmonic song structures by programming the appropriate series of scales. Then, stepping through them in performance with a footswitch or MIDI control allows intonation control over an entire song! 3. Save Your Processor: Because the ATR-1 is a standalone processor you can use it with the Antares Auto-Tune plug-in when you need dedicated processing from an external source. Fire up Auto-Tune for "tweaky" intonation editing, but when it comes to speed the ATR-1 is amazingly quick and easy!