• CBI 5 x 12 channel 100ft W1 multipin sub-snake system

    $3,050.00 $2,000.00

    These items are used but fully functional.

    Priced as a set of (5) 12 channel 100ft multipin cables, (5) 12 channel female XLR boxes & (5) 12 channel panel-mounted male XLR fanouts.  The cables are CBI Performer Series 24 AWG, 37 conductor cables with Whirlwind style W1 male and female connectors.  The stage boxes are black powder coated steel with inline rear mounted Neutrik Female XLR connectors.  The rack-mountable 1U fanout box is comprised of 5 color-coded 12 channel Male XLR fanouts.  Each channel is terminated with a Neutrik Male XLR connector.  Fanout length is 4ft.

    Boxes, connectors, and cable appearance may vary.