• Yamaha PM1D V2 Digital Console Package

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    This package consists of:

    (1) CS1D Mixing Surface with Roadcase

    (1) DSP1D Execution Rack

    (2) PW1D Console Power Supplies

    (2) AI8 32 channel Input cage with (16) LMY4-MLF cards loaded

    (1) AO8 32 channel Output cage with (8) LMY4-DA cards loaded

    (Total of 64 inputs x 32 outputs)

    (2) 25ft SCSI Interconnect cables terminated with Whirlwind W6 connectors (350ft also available)

    (2) 10ft Umbilical PSU cables


    The PM1D Digital Mixing System was the first to take the acclaimed Yamaha PM-series live sound consoles into the fully digital domain. It features separate control surface, processing units, and input/output units that are modular and networkable. The PM1D offers digital flexibility and controllability along with enormous input/output capacity and data storage recall capability. Featuring digital audio technology shared with Yamaha's world-standard digital recording consoles, the PM1D delivers the equivalent of 28-bit linear AD processing and 27-bit linear DA processing for an extraordinary dynamic range in excess of 120 dB as well as outstanding overall sound quality. And since each section of the "mixing system" is provided in the form of compact modules, it offers unprecedented space utility and mobility. The PM1D has ushered in, and continues to lead, a new era of mixing performance and quality for concert tours, large halls, and broadcast applications. 


    The flagship of the PM series, and a new direction for the future of live sound.

    Distributed modular concept with revolutionary digital technology for unmatched sonic realism.

    A new, more assertive PM sound thanks to advanced head amplifier design.

    A wealth of channel functions, plus Yamaha's intuitive Selected Channel interface.

    8 effect processors and 24 GEQs built in that can be used as inserts or send/return processors.

    Advanced scene memory function for total console recall.

    System scalability with component architecture and a generous bus complement.

    PM1D Manager software reduces setup time, aids mixing, provides failsafe security, and much more.

    Rugged hardware and thoroughly tested software deliver superior reliability.



    Available as add-ons for the DM-series and 0-series consoles, and the subject of accolades from professional sound engineers, selected effects from Yamaha's ADD-ON EFFECTS series are now included as standard features: the very latest REV-X reverb programs and VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) programs, including the COMP260(S)*, COMP276(S)*, EQ601, and OPEN DECK programs. 

    The REV-X reverb programs, already included and acclaimed in the PM5D and M7CL, offer unprecedented reverb density for reverb quality that is a step beyond previous Yamaha reverb processors. And the VCM effects, used in conjunction with the onboard effects included up to this point, will make external analog processing gear totally unnecessary. With the inclusion of these effects the PM1D Digital mixing system goes beyond "unprecedented digital clarity", giving you the capability to create analog warmth whenever and wherever necessary. The PM1D has truly become an all-in-one live sound solution.

    * The COMP260S and COMP276S are stereo versions of the COMP260 and COMP276.

    2. CONTROL THE PM1D FROM A DM2000V2, 02R96V2, OR DM1000V2 

    It is now possible to use the DM1000V2 or other Yamaha digital mixing consoles to remotely control the PM1D via the PM1D Manager application. 

    This capability can be a great advantage in halls or theaters where the PM1D is installed in a control room some distance from the stage, allowing control of the remote PM1D from the stage wings or other convenient location. Via the PM1D Manager it is possible to control all channel functions existing on the controlling console as well as the mix, stereo, and matrix functions, and up to 100 scenes.

    * Limitations may apply to control of some channel functions.

    * In the above example the computer can be connected either to the CS1D or DSP1D(EX).

    * RS422 connection is recommended for the computer and CS1D or DSP1D(EX). In that case, the RS232C port provided on the PM1D must be converted for RS422 operation.


    Since it's introduction in December 2000, the PM1D has been used extensively in halls, theaters, broadcast studios, and concert tours around the world. During that time Yamaha has received valuable feedback from engineers and system designers regarding features that could be implemented to enhance operation in their particular applications. The result is the PM1DV2...a partial list of new features follows: 

    Auto Gain Adjust

    In situations where two PM1Ds are used for FOH and monitoring, and they share the same AI8 input box(es), when the "master" PM1D assigned to control the head amplifiers is used to adjust the gain, the slave PM1D attenuator is automatically adjusted accordingly to maintain optimum level matching. 

    Load Filter and Save Filter

    This function provides added efficiency when using the internal memory. Load and save filters make it possible to load only the specified parameters, load to a specified area of memory, save only the specified parameters, and save to a specified area of memory. 

    Event List

    An "Event List" that specifies a sequence of scenes to be recalled can be set up without having to actually change the order of the scenes in memory. This makes it possible to quickly adapt to theatrical changes or song list changes during a tour, for example. 

    Fader View

    This provides a complete overview of the console's active faders. 48 channels, 4 stereo faders and all DCA faders can be viewed in a single display screen. You can switch between CH 1~48/ST IN 1~4, and CH 49~96/ST IN 5~8. 

    Auto Store Overwrite

    A library overwrite mode can now be selected for scene memory auto store. 

    Channel Insert and Delete

    This function allows reordering of input and output channels. When channels are inserted or deleted the following channels can automatically be moved to accommodate the changes. 

    Pre-HPF Direct Out

    Live recording is greatly facilitated by the addition of a pre-HPF direct out point and direct out level trim capability. 

    Additional User Defined Functions

    GEQ SELECT and TAP TEMPO functions have been added to the functions available for the User Defined Keys for significantly enhanced accessibility. 

    Full GR Meter Display

    Gain reduction meters for all input and output channels can be viewed simultaneously. 

    Enhanced Presets and Libraries

    The factory presets have been updated by leading engineers from around the world for unprecedented utility. Additionally, the number of EQ and channel libraries has been increased from 100 to 200. 

    Additional Recall Safe Function

    This new function automatically assigns the settings of units patched to a recall-safe channel to recall safe. 

    MY8-DA96 Card Support

    The PM1D now supports 8-channel DA conversion using the MY8-DA96 card.